Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hello dressing room!

Closet space was my #1 concern when moving in to our place.  We're lucky to have two decent size closets (by Manhattan standards that is). Andrew's clothing closet upstairs fits all of his things perfectly, but the downstairs closet was a major dumping ground for years worth of his old items. 

There is nothing I hate more than sliding closet doors.  I need to see everything at once!  Moving the closet doors back and forth to put an outfit together takes up way too much time.  Plus you lose all that great accessory storage space on the back of the doors!

Before:  I couldn't find a thing!  Old crutches and random paperwork?  Good bye!  The closet got a major clean out.


After:  I love being able to see all my options at once!  New doors allow me to utilize the backs for more shoe storage and a much needed full length mirror.  While a few additional shelves added to the existing keep the right side well organized.

My wardrobe got a major clean out as well in order to fit in this amount of hanging space - and now I actually feel good about everything I own.  The big joke around the apartment is that I open the doors all the way when Andrew isn't home and turn the entire living room into my personal dressing room (and I do!).

Next I plan to paint the backs of the shoe shelves a pretty shade of gray/lilac.


  1. Such a transformation...really is incredible! Well done :)

  2. thank you, thank you! I feel so organized now :)