Thursday, October 18, 2012

lighten up

I love this creative use of unique antique mirrors which really brighten up this room.  Hanging mirrors opposite your windows will reflect your natural light.  While I love a dark and cozy room, sometimes it's nice to let the light in during the short winter days.  

Want to brighten up a dark room?  Start with color.  Painting the walls a bright white is the obvious first thought, but consider using warm pales tones as well.  Whites and light colors bring in light by bouncing it around the room thus creating a feeling of brightness.

Add metal and glass accents to keep the reflected light moving around the room.  This is a great chance to add some brighter color as well.

Lamps, lamps, lamps!  Focus on adding table and floor lamps rather than harsh overhead lighting.  Nice white linen lampshades will help spread soft flattering light throughout the room.  Place a lamp next to a wall mirror to make the effect reach even further.

Consider furniture with exposed legs which visually increase floor space making your room feel larger and airy.

Hang your drapery panels at the edge of your windows and a few inches above.  This allows the maximum amount of light in while visually increasing the size of your windows.

To finish throw in a few velvet or faux fur accessories and your bright room will still feel cozy and warm for the cool winter months ahead.

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