Thursday, October 4, 2012

new arrivals

Wow is really October already?  In September we moved to our new place, had amazing friends visit from Atlanta and Denver, plus spent 6 days back in NYC.  It was a fantastic month and time flew by.  Now I'm looking forward to October since we have nothing major on the calendar and lots of time to get organized, settled and explore Aspen.

I've been a little obsessed with both ebay and brass these last few weeks which has lead to a few new arrivals.  I love the warmth antique brass adds to a room and fall is the perfect time to add a warm metal to the mix.  First up are these gorgeous candlesticks which shipped from England.  I love seeing them up on the mantel.

I also found these modern shaped brass bookends and I couldn't be happier with their old patina.  They are really heavy and will definitely stand up to the stacks of books and magazines in my office!

A departure from the brass but a cool ebay find nonetheless, these wood table legs are about to be refinished to serve as my office table.  Now if I could just find a beautiful piece of walnut for the table top...

I have to admit I love getting packages!

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