Tuesday, October 16, 2012

what a difference hardware makes

I like our apartment.  We had one weekend to find a place and I feel really lucky we landed where we did. Especially after looking at place after place with terrible carpet and hideous kitchens.  And not only terrible carpet and hideous kitchens but one place in particular stands out because it had terrible carpet which actually ran up the side of the kitchen cabinets!  Wow.

As much as I like our new home there are still things I would have done differently if we owned our place (what a shock, right).  Take for example these very rustic cabinet knobs which feel a little too Arts & Crafts to me.

Ahh the joys of renting.

Luckily knobs are such an easy item to switch out and they can really make a difference on a piece of furniture.  I had these polished brass knobs on my mind and was finally able to track them down online.

Now this slightly dated tv cabinet feels a little more fresh and modern.  And the switch out took less than five minutes (seriously).  Mission complete!

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